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Dr. James Kendel
Some important facts to know about chiropractic care and our office.
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Back Pain - Chiropractic Care      Chiropractic is a good non-invasive option for treating pain. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications can have side effects and surgery is a very serious undertaking. Chiropractic care offers a low risk method of reducing pain and improving function.



Chiropractic Care      Chiropractic care is an important part of wellness care. A well aligned spine can be preventative to a variety of conditions and can improve your quality of life.
Chiropractic Care      Our office has a combined Palmer graduate doctors with over 25 years combined experience. We offer a variety of manipulation techniques including decompression. We also offer a wide variety of therapies like ultrasound, electric stim and nutritional supplements to enhance your treatment. We care for infants to seniors and everyone in between.
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Phone: 330-722-7709
Fax: 330-723-0850