Colon Hydrotherapy

Our colon hydrotherapy is a gravity fed system of filtered and purified water that is temperature regulated. It is introduced into the colon. This hydration loosens impacted feces over several sessions and stimulates natural peristalsis ridding the body of decomposing, impacted fecal material. Over several sessions, in the cleansing and balancing of the colon's ecology the body recognizes the colon as clean and functioning normal.

The body then begins to release its toxins back into the colon to eliminate as it was intended through the feces. When the colon is impacted and sluggish the toxins remain in the liver and in the body systems. Many people have significant undetected parasites, fungal and bacterial guests as well as multiple food intolerances. These conditions need to be identified and dealt with accordingly. If not, any colon therapy will only be temporary in nature. Conventional testing misses a lot of these factors.

Our office uses labs that specialize in colon ecology and specific treatment will be added along with the colon therapy. Sometimes referrals are needed for certain infectious disease or parasites.

What is a colonic?
A colonic or colon hydrotherapy is a method of removing waste from the large intestine or colon, without the use of drugs or chemicals. Filtered water is introduced into the colon, which softens waste and causes an increase in peristalsis or intestinal movement. The FDA requires the water be purified through charcoal filtration and ultraviolet purification.

Why would I need a colonic?
Today's diet is loaded with preservatives, additives, and pesticides. It is also lacking in fresh, whole foods. These combined with a lack of exercise (less than one hour a day) bog down our systems and allow for build up within the colon.

Why is build up in the colon bad?
Our bodies are meant to be dynamic systems. With just about any system in the body, if it is not moving properly there is build up and inflammation and those can be precursors to more serious problems.

But I just had a colonoscopy, shouldn't I be alright?
A colonic does not replace a colonoscopy. Colonoscopies are important life saving tools and you should always follow your doctor's recommendations. The prep for a colonoscopy does clear out the colon for the procedure but it is not intended to be used therapeutically. Colonics are done in cycles to continually purge aiding to cleansing your system as a whole.

But if the water is just in my colon how is it affecting my small intestine, liver, or gall bladder?
True, the water never goes further than your colon. However, during a session (45 minutes) the colon is continually purging which triggers increased peristalsis in the small intestine. As the colon continues to empty the small intestine continues to empty in the colon. As the small intestine continues to empty it triggers other organs, like the liver and gall bladder, to increase their release as well. It is the continual cycling that produces a whole system purge. Also, typically 6 sessions will be done over several weeks for optimal results.

Why can't I just use laxatives?
Laxatives draw water in from the body to produce an effect. They can become dehydrating to the person as a whole. Also, laxatives only soften fecal matter. They cannot release the hard impacted fecal matter that is found in the fine grooves of the colon. Enemas are slightly more effective but cannot produce the same effect as a colonic because they are not hydrating and work by irritating the colon.

Will I become dependent on colonics?
No, colonics are meant to be a natural option for cleansing one's system. They are not meant to replace a healthy lifestyle and diet. Once your system is working optimally again and lifestyle changes are made if needed colonics may only need to be done periodically to maintain a healthy system.

I have some health problems, are colonics dangerous?
Colonics are not for everyone. If you have a health condition that would make it unsafe to have a colonic your practitioner would inform you. If you are unsure if a previous health condition is an issue, your practitioner can work with your physician to determine if colonics are an option for you.

I'm pretty shy, I don't think I'd be comfortable with the procedure.
Colonic therapy has changed quite a bit over the years. New systems are very dignified and private. Patients are draped at all times and are never exposed. New systems also use a small tube that the patient inserts in their rectum. It feels no different than a small suppository. There is not the risk of perforation like with the older style colonics that were inserted much deeper. Other “embarrassing” questions often include odor. The new equipment used in colonics captures anything released by the patient quickly so there is no odor involved.

I'm not really having any problems, do I still need colonic therapy?
As mentioned earlier, colonic therapy is a natural option for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing problems in the future. Some people are concerned that it will flush out the “good bacteria” from the digestive tract. The digestive tract houses good or helpful bacteria, bad or disease causing bacteria, and yeast. Ideally there is a balance of all three. Many people are in a state of imbalance. Colonics combined with diet changes can help restore a healthy equilibrium of intestinal flora. It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We take care to do preventative care for our teeth, heart, and other systems of the body. Colonics are another option available to keep you feeling well and healthy.

How many sessions are needed?
Initial cleansing and detox will be done over a 30-day period of time. For best results six sessions of colon hydrotherapy are used. The first week, two sessions will be given within a 48-hour period of time of one another (24-hour period of time is preferred). The second week will be a repetition of the first. The third and fourth week will be one session each a week apart. The last session will be assessed and if the body is still in a detoxing mode one or two more additional sessions may be recommended.

What will I experience?
The patient will always be modestly covered and no exposure to the therapist is necessary. The therapist will be present throughout the session to regulate water temperature and flow. What you will experience is a warm water inflow with a natural urge to release. Sometimes during detox or any movement of toxins the body may react with a cold sweat, cramping or lightheadedness until that toxin is released and relief is felt. Our trained licensed colon hydrotherapist will assist with treatment altering water flow using minerals and/or general massage to get you through these times. All is done to maintain patient's communication and comfort.
Hello, my name is Tammy Flint. I live in Brunswick. I have three children, a son who is 22 years old and I also have twins, boy and girl, who are 15 years old.

I graduated in 1987 with my cosmetology license which allowed me to work as a beautician until my twins were born. After their birth, I took off to stay at home with my children for two years. I worked in retail for 15 years. In 2010, I went back to school and received my certification in colon hydrotherapy.

Today, I am currently working at Dr. Kendel's office performing colon hydrotherapies. I find this to be more satisfying and challenging helping patients with their digestive conditions.