How to Become a patient for Medina family Wellness Center in Medina, OH

How to Get Started

How To Get Started:

STEP 1 – Call Us at 330-722-7709
The first step toward wellness is to schedule a visit for an initial consultation and lab work. This establishes a scientific and data-driven approach to creating the wellness program that's right for you.

– Establish a Plan
Based on your lab work and initial interview, the doctors will create a custom plan to bring about positive changes in your health. This may include dietary guidelines, exercise recommendations, and supplements. You'll follow this program until your next visit.

STEP 3 – Adjust as Needed
After giving your program sufficient time to produce results, there will be a follow-up meeting with you. Additional lab work will be done to ensure that the wellness plan is working. If needed, corrections and adjustments can be made. The process of testing, implementing, and improving continues until you experience better health and wellness.

STEP 4 – Lifelong Plan
Wellness isn't an event, it's a way of life. Once a wellness level is established, we will have learned and documented the patient's "normals and patterns" so that when and if a change appears in a physical exam, diagnostics, within their presentation, it can be addressed by her and other disciplines if needed, and the dysfunction or return of ill health can be apprehended.